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Advertiser Contgent produces a variety of marketing materials at its dedicated marketing material writing service for use by businesses of all kinds.

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AdvertiserContent.com provides expert advice to business operators regarding the new but highly effective use of a network of web sites to publish content that promotes business people and their enterprises. It is a Division of RogersDigital.com.

Advertiser Content uses text, video and images to convey marketing messages. In a way Advertiser Content is DIY public relations using self promotion coupled with the power of Social Media to reach target audiences.

News Company Media produces a variety of content at its dedicated marketing material writing service AdvertiserContent.com with funding from outside parties. This source of revenue funds investigative reporting on topics that are of interest to readers of RogersDigital.com web sites.

Advertiser content are features that are paid for and produced by News Company or the advertiser. This content is created by staff journalists, contributors or published for advertisers and hosted by News Company.

Our content is often used by businesses for sponsored posts.

The internet has enabled everyone to bypass the main media enterprises and go directly to the public. At AdvertiserContent.com we enable that process.  From campaigns to final products reaching customers, we can do it all.

Reach out to us for commercial and editorial discussions at office@newsservices.com or call 1300 660 660